Maine’s First Medical Cannabis Caregiver Organization

The Compassionate Caregivers of Maine (CCM) is a Maine-based agency existing for the purpose of helping Maine citizens  find the most experienced and licensed cannabis caregivers to cultivate their medical marijuana.

For caregivers, CCM is a close-knit community and a valuable resource for information and knowledge as well as a place to find qualified patients that are physician certified and ready to to designate you as their primary caregiver. As medical marijuana caregivers we work as a community in cultivating the finest medical cannabis for pateints. We work together as a group at the State level to fight for our rights as cannabis cultivators and medical marijuana caregivers.  Without the caregiver community as well as health conscious cannabis growers, there will be no medical marijuana program in Maine, let alone quality product.

BECOME A MEMBER OF CCM and receive these immediate benefits:

  • EXCLUSIVE PATIENT ASSIGNMENTS – we refer physician-certified patients to our members as you need them and can add them.
  • PREMIUM FORUM ACCESS – CCM Caregivers have premium profiles on our website where patients come everyday to find a new provider.
  • MONTHLY INFORMATIONAL MEETINGS – currently held in two locations on a monthly basis, these meetings are a great place to network and meet new people.