The Dispensaries are Coming! But is affordable medicine on its way?

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 (October 26th, 2010)– The recent changes in Maine's Medical Marijuana laws are about to come to fruition as State licensed dispensaries are about to open statewide this coming New Year. But does this mean that medical marijuana dispensaries are about to provide affordable medical marijuana? Not likely.

            The State of Maine awarded 8 medical marijuana dispensaries in its first year, supposedly allocating one license per healthcare zone in the State of Maine. According to State officials and medical marijuana dispensary applications submitted in June, the dispensaries in Maine will be charging full market price averaging into the $400 per ounce range.

            Patients must register with the State, provide their physician certification, and pay a fee in order to be allowed to buy medical marijuana from a dispensary. The dispensaries must provide to the State a monthly report about the patient's use, the total gross sales and other relevant information regarding the qualified patient's relationship with the dispensary. The dispensaries must form as a Non-Profit corporation, pay annual fees, and have their patient records available for audit in order to keep their licenses.

            But not all patients are opting for that type of non-personal route.

            "We really believe in making this a safe and confidential relationship and not one that is available for the public record." Said Derek Giusto, representative for the Compassionate Caregivers of Maine "While the dispensaries have to report a lot of sensitive information to the State, individual licensed Caregivers can provide a more confidential approach because they are not held to such standards."

            Many patients are forgoing the dispensary route and opting for a Caregiver-Patient relationship, because of the one-on-one approach that ensures they are getting quality medical marijuana at affordable prices.

            "Caregivers in the Compassionate Caregivers of Maine (CCM) network are offering prices closer to the $250 per ounce range because the majority of our clientele is on a fixed income and cannot be fairly charged full black market prices." said Giusto "A caregiver does not have the overhead that a dispensary will have and can price at a discount."


The Compassionate Caregivers of Maine are a Maine-based non-profit connecting qualified patients with State licensed caregivers to provide safe and affordable access. They have a web-site located at:

10 comments on “The Dispensaries are Coming! But is affordable medicine on its way?

  1. I will keep on growing my own,,thanks!!! I could never afford to buy it from a dispensarie!!! I smoke strictly for the pain in my back!! And am on Social Security…who in the heck is going to be able to afford this!!! Not to mention,,do I want my private information out there for all to see??? No!!!! I will take my chances and keep growing it in my own ”dispensarie!

  2. these despens. are enougher way for government to rip us off leagally.weed on the streets goes for 150 an ounce.dont be fooled by these groups…their just useing the system to steal from the poor and sick…these despen. are a scam. a way for the system to pray on the less fortunate… leagally.really…400 for what we can get off the streets for 150…500 for a quarter pound! so whos the theif?the despensaries are the black market…beware…

  3. Yikes! $400/oz! I realize the goal is to keep medication off the street and out of the hands of profiteers, yet this really saddens me. Many of Maine’s potential/current patients can in no way afford that kind pricetag. The non-profit orgs. that are involved with the dispenseries have way too much overhead at this point and are running into hurdles at every step.
    I say keep it simple! Get yourself a caregiver!

  4. The people who introduced the this stuff never thought ahead. I know many growers/ un-registered patients that will never participate in a dispensary program. Why? I dont need to pay $400 to Rite Aid to get meds and honestly, why tell the State anything. As soon as you register you are subject to search. Plain and simple. I will continue to network within my area and refuse to tell the state anything.
    Honestly, the people Ive networked with here, we all GIVE each other meds. Why not….grow,share…good karma and great spiritual satisfaction. This is a medicine…and my choice. Tell the dispensaries to beat it…..Mainers have done just fine without them for years. The laws are way better so truly, its worth the risk to safely grow my own and not be available for the State to “tell me nuthin” :) Peace fellow growers/patients and see you out there!!

  5. hmm, I would think the high cost of getting a dispensory going here in Maine would dictate the high prices…. $15000 for a licensed “non profit” business. Remember you have to register by January 1st 2011 or you wont be a legal patient.

  6. that is a hefty price for an ounce. $400, really? $15000 for a licensed “non profit” business?
    I thought the goal was to provide affordable medicine for our citizens?

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