CCM’s Monthly Portland Meeting Aimed At Activism

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2017 by CCM

The last Tuesday of every month will be the standing date for monthly meetings in Portland, Maine.


Portland, Maine 1/27/2017 –  The current location for the standing monthly Portland CCM meeting will be Indoor Plant Kingdom at 250 Anderson Street, Portland. This may change later in the year if the attendance exceeds capacity. That would be a fun problem to have!

The Portland meeting agenda will be much like our Waterville meeting. The purpose of these monthly meetings is to continue supporting Maine’s Cannabis Caregivers and Patients. Now that recreational cannabis has passed, we need to ensure the medical program does not become jeopardized as it has in other States. Its our opinion that Maine could POSSIBLY go down the same unfortunate road as Washington State. As a community we need to ensure this does not happen.  Every Agenda will follow this fomat:

  • Quick CCM Intro for new participants. I.E. the forums, the meetings, the events & any updates. Address any high level Q and A about the organization.
  • Hillary Lister speaks on the latest information from Augusta. We may have others share their thoughts and insights at this time as well. 20-30 minute Q and A.
  • Featured speaker time. This slot will always be interesting and industry relevant. For example Dawson Julia will be speaking on 1/30/2017 on a bill being introduced into Augusta.
  • Meeting wrap up and networking

The Portland meeting will be educational and activist oriented.  As a community we will be tossing around ideas for positive State wide medical cannabis PR. Keeping the cannabis success stories up front in the eyes & minds of Maine’s residents and legislatures will go a long way in achieving our goals. We have already begun filming and editing patient & caregiver videos. CCM is partnering with other cannabis groups, caregivers and industry experts in developing a “Medical Cannabis Success Stories” video (videology) campaign. All videos will be uploaded to the patients page of our website and available for everyone to share.

Every meeting will have a featured caregiver table where 1 or 2 caregivers will showcase their products and meds. This will give a continual opportunity for the caregiver community to directly interact with patients about their meds. There are many talented cannabis caregivers in Maine, its time we start publicly showcasing not only their medicinal treatments but their success stories as well. The more we communicate and network as a cannabis community the better off and more powerful we will be.

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