What is CCM to Patients?

The newest medical marijuana law in Maine went into effect on December 31, 2012.  Currently there are still rules that are yet to be finalized regarding the latest statute.  You must know how this affects you or a loved one, if they are using medical marijuana to treat a qualifying condition.

Compassionate Caregivers of Maine (CCM) was created with the goal of filling the void left by the authorities in Augusta, in that they are “running the program”, yet are leaving the public to their own devices when it comes to actually “making the program viable”.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has been involved in this movement for any length of time.  

Since late 2010, CCM has helped hundreds of qualified patients to locate compassionate providers of medical cannabis.  It is also a goal of the organization to be a resource for information on the program, as (no offense Augusta) the state has seriously dropped the ball on keeping the public informed on what is actually permissible under the current law, and what still falls into legal grey areas.    

CCM provides patients with a reliable source of information as well as a place to learn about medical cannabis, and best of all – to find a quality provider!

  • CCM helps patients find a Physician to write you a certification of illness or we will help you recruit your current doctor into the network.
  • CCM will find you a caregiver that is a good fit for you.  And if the situation should arise where you need to find a new provider, we can help with that too. 
  • CCM provides patients with a place to meet other patients, potential caregivers, and others in the Maine MMJ community.