Become a Caregiver with CCM

Become a part of the network and help provide qualified patients, with your high-quality home grown medical marijuana.

The State of Maine has enacted legislation allowing for you to legally grow marijuana for a Maine qualified patients in need. As a Maine licensed caregiver you are allowed by law to grow up to 6 marijuana plants per patient. You are also allowed to possess and transport up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana at reasonable market prices to the patient you care for every 15 days! You may have up to 5 patients designate you as their caregiver.

Caregivers operating a legally compliant business while being a part of the CCM network can expect to earn anywhere from $20-$40K or more per year in income.  It can be very rewarding, in more ways than just dollars and cents.  Contact CCM for more details on how to become a caregiver.

BECOME A MEMBER OF CCM and receive these benefits:
  • EXCLUSIVE PATIENT ASSIGNMENTS – we refer physician-certified patients to our members as you need them and can add them.
  • DISCOUNTS ON LEGAL AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES – we have negotiated discounted rates with attorneys and CPAs here in Maine to help our members.
  • PREMIUM FORUM ACCESS – CCM Caregivers have premium profiles on our website where patients come everyday to find a new provider.
  • MONTHLY INFORMATIONAL MEETINGS – currently held in two locations on a monthly basis, these meetings are a great place to network and meet new people.